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[09 Jul 2009|12:50am]

[ mood | depressed ]

heyy.. is this still active?

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broken hearted emo kids hxc. [05 Apr 2005|09:52pm]
[ mood | creative ]


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Wrap Our Fears In The Night<3 [17 Feb 2004|10:54pm]

[ mood | emo ]

Go to my journal. Im feeling all emo right now<3


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i be the og SkEmo [08 Jan 2004|09:22pm]

[ mood | amused ]

shit i feel like they made a community just fo me cuz i be the original skemo even skanks knows that shit homies


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el fantasma de la rana!!! [26 Dec 2003|11:38pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hola :D hmm... me is a skank fo shizzle.
add me. im a dork.

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to become a xSKEMO [22 Dec 2003|05:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

1x Post some pictures of yourself skanking or being emo... [Under a cut]
2x On the second day of your post, you'll either get accepted or denied depending on whether you have enough "yes" or "no"'s.
3x You'll get a wonderful stamp, and you get to put it on your journal and stuff... [but load it to your own server]
4x You don't have to be accepted as a skemo to hang out with us.
5x Everything goes, but don't insult too much to the point where it really does hurt.

so have fun posting... and i need help with making icons for the community and a stamp... anyone who will be so kind.. post in my journal :]

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xSKEMO [20 Dec 2003|10:09pm]


so this is the community for all you kacks into ska and emo. just show that you're skanky enough to be here.. and by all means stay :]

drink up, me hearties!

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